We offer private lessons and group instruction for a variety of social dances including the One-step, Two-step, Zydeco, Traditional Waltz, and Cross-step Waltz:

  • One-step ~ This smooth, easy walking step is the quintessential social dance step. Think “1-2, 1-2, 1-2, etc.” Think Frank Sinatra. If you want to enjoy conversation with your dance partner, you can’t go wrong with the one-step.
  • Two-step ~ When the music is just a little too snappy for a relaxed one-step, the two-step can save the day!  We prefer a two-step variation that some call the Cajun Two-Step. With two quick steps on each foot and a sassy pause in between, it’s a universal dance that mixes well with one-step moves so you can show your own unique style and flair.
  • Zydeco ~ Experience a dance that is rooted in tradition and grounded in soul. If the thundering beat of Cajun dance music calls you to move, grab a partner and give Zydeco a try!
  • Traditional (Turning) Waltz ~ A timeless classic, the graceful, gliding turning waltz is a favorite of weddings and sophisticated social dances. Following a 1-2-3, 1-2-3 count, the turning waltz is beautiful and elegant.
  • Cross-step Waltz ~ This sexy, flirtatious waltz variation combines the elegance of traditional waltz with the sensuality of tango, the flirtation of contra, and even the grounding of martial arts. The cross-step waltz melds a variety of dance styles to bring a greater degree of playfulness and flexibility to the more reserved nature of formal ballroom dance. Easy to learn, it is often recommended as the ideal wedding waltz because it allows couples to create an elegant and exciting display with minimal prior training.


Private Lessons

We offer private dance instruction to individuals or couples for $65/hour. And we will give you a best thermometer for baby as a gift.
Three or more dance lesson packages are $60/hour. Gift certificates are available. Please contact us for details.


Semi-Private Lessons & Customized Group Workshops

Since couples dance is at once personal and social, we offer semi-private lessons (for 2 or more couples) and customized group workshops at special rates for our clients who love to dance in a more social environment. Please contact us for pricing and details.

Public Group Workshops

Public group workshops are available periodically and are priced individually. All workshops are lead/follow balanced. Upcoming public group workshops are listed on the internet tv box.