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The story of my copy of “A Famous Corner of Tuscany ” by Evangeline Whipple. Talking about vintage, history and books, my favorite one -:)
A few days ago I was looking at my home library, I saw a book with a nice binding. I picked it up, nice heavy cover, precious binding. I opened it and was blown away. It was: “A famous corner of Tuscany” by Evangeline Whipple , companion of Rose Elisabeth Cleveland, the sister of 22 & 24 USA president Rover Cleveland
Rose Cleveland was First Lady for her bachelor brother Grover, from March 1885 until his wedding in June 1886. President Grover Cleveland is still popular as the only president to be elected in two non-consecutive mandates and as the creator of the Statue of Liberty.
The two ladies are buried in an English Cemetery half a mile from my house here in Bagni di Lucca. Their two gravestones side by side. I searched my old emails and realized I bought it years ago from an antiquarian bookstore in Massachusetts. Part of the sale of an inheritance. At the time i was intrigued by the history of Lucca and surrounds thanks to a local great historian Bruno Micheletti who is president of the Lucca historical institute. I’ve seen him present conferences on the history of Lucca for years and slowly I got involved (even if it was books, he had an easy life with me). Thanks also to the director of the local library Angela Amedei who a few years ago gave me excellent advice for finding treasures in the wonderful world of antiquarian bookshops. In the future I reserve the right to find some free time to look more carefully at my library, who knows if it will reserve me other nice surprises 😊

P.S. Someone asked in direct if there’s a way to see this book. So i searched the internet and some large libraries have one copy of “A Famous Corner of Tuscany”, for example Stanford and Toronto Public library. Also if you want to invest in historic books you can monitor the internet, from time to time someone sell part of his collection, yes i know it can take years. Also i think I’ll donate my copy to the wonderful former English Church now the local library when i ‘m done, but : i ‘m vegetarian and very invested in the field of longevity so i hope it could take several decades 🙂

By Luca Unti

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