Another batch of old books to catalog in my library

Another batch of old books to catalog in my library, looking at @guyspier idea to use
I could classify them going from right to upper left as a pre or post Amazon/Bezos 🙂
I see on the right great book on Andre Meyer a genius french-american investment banker that become partner at Lazard Frères at a young age and made so much deals there that this book is shocking full of riche annotations of mine, at the time he was what i want to become. Lee (Lido) Iacocca an Italo/american business icon known first for his career at Ford where he ended up as president and for reviving Chrysler as its CEO in the 80s. At the center two books of my Bertrand Russell large collection.
Below the autobiography of a great takeover operator and corporate raider: Boone Pickens Jr. I have followed his initiatives for years with his hedge fund BP Capital Management. A character I loved very much, I saw him working with enthusiasm practically until shortly before his death.
On the left one a very technical book full of macroeconomics formulas, pretty heavy book almost 800 pages by R.Dornbusch and S. Fischer . On him a classic, the translation of “A history of Economic Thought” by Eric Roll. A more readable book that cover in 650 pages very well written the history of thinkers from the old testment to Locke, Ricardo, Adam Smith, Marx, Malthus, Keynes and many many others. I think i’ll take a more deep look on this book on my blog.
On the upper left a great book by David Schawrtz “The magic of thinking Big”. I think Tim Ferris suggested me this one. It’s more a mindset book but very solid. Under i see “The now habit” by Neil Fiore. A book that teaches some strategies to overcome procrastination. All around one of the best book ever written on the subject.

By Luca Unti

Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Pisa, Tuscany. Highly-experienced value Investor with a demonstrated history of working within the internet industry since its inception. A background from a very young age in Finance via innovative investment tools and mentors such as Paolo Federici. Dynamic angel investor and champion of execution-driven teams, employing the latest remote software tools facilitating virtual teams working on multiple projects. In-depth knowledge of the following books : "Execution - getting things done" by Larry Bossidy; "Winning" by Jack & Suzy Welch, "Blitzscaling" by Chris Yeh & Reid Hoffman; "Hacking Growth" Sean E/Morgan B; "The Cold Start Problem" by Andrew Chen and all podcasts and related books by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) and Jason Fried (Remote: Office Not Required and the others) are requested for startup investing . Projects undertaken solely with founders already skilled in working with *very complex* projects via remote software tools. I have been a strong advocate of the concept of the VIRTUAL COMPANY for decades (early user of Lotus Notes).

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