Another batch of old books to catalog in my library

Another batch of old books to catalog in my library, looking at @guyspier idea to use I could classify them going from right to upper left as a pre or post Amazon/Bezos 🙂 I see on the right great book on Andre Meyer a genius french-american investment banker that become partner at Lazard Frères […]

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Found a great historic book in my library !

Talking about vintage, history and books, my favorite one -:) A few days ago I was looking at my home library, I saw a book with a nice binding. I picked it up, nice heavy cover, precious binding. I opened it and was blown away. It was: “A famous corner of Tuscany” by Evangeline Whipple, […]

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I love New York

I love New York, its sunrises, sunsets, perennial chaos in 24 hours. I think it’s the city that impressed me the most since the first time I went landing on a very cold February morning in 1984. I immediately called my aunt Yolanda who lived in Brooklyn and told her that if I had time […]