Chi sono

“Internet Entrepreneur actually focused as E-Commerce Chief Strategist “

Degree in Economics (emphasis on economics and investing) from the University of Pisa. Highly-experienced Social Media Strategist with a demonstrated history of working within the internet industry since its inception. A background from a very young age in finance via innovative investment tools, and mentors such as Paolo Federici, and balance sheet analysis with notable Italian auditor, Dr. Alberto Varetti. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Management, Domains, Affiliate marketing, Web Applications, and Content Marketing. Dynamic professional investor and champion of execution-driven teams, employing the latest remote software tools facilitating virtual teams working on multiple projects. In-depth knowledge of the following books : “Execution – getting things done” by Larry Bossidy; “Blitzscaling” by H Reid and related videos; “Hacking Growth” Sean E/Morgan B; “Remote” and all DHH podcasts and related books by DHH and Jason Fried. Projects undertaken solely with individuals already skilled in working with very complex projects via remote software tools. I have been a strong advocate of the concept of the VIRTUAL COMPANY for decades (early user of Lotus Notes).