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Im adding hundreds of videos to my YouTube channel and I’ll start my podcast show in a few days, in the meantime think about subscribing
P.S. If you want to be with me on my show please drop me a note. I have already a long list of friends, mainly value investor, Bowie’s world contributors, Tuscany lovers (preferred Bagni di Lucca and Lucca), writers, entrepreneurs, NYC stars (some ppl have Italian roots) and so on .

Also If you have some GE ( BUT pre 2001 !! ) roots you can also apply.

By Luca Unti

Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Pisa, Tuscany. Highly-experienced value Investor with a demonstrated history of working within the internet industry since its inception. A background from a very young age in Finance via innovative investment tools and mentors such as Paolo Federici. Dynamic angel investor and champion of execution-driven teams, employing the latest remote software tools facilitating virtual teams working on multiple projects. In-depth knowledge of the following books : "Execution - getting things done" by Larry Bossidy; "Winning" by Jack & Suzy Welch, "Blitzscaling" by Chris Yeh & Reid Hoffman; "Hacking Growth" Sean E/Morgan B; "The Cold Start Problem" by Andrew Chen and all podcasts and related books by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) and Jason Fried (Remote: Office Not Required and the others) are requested for startup investing . Projects undertaken solely with founders already skilled in working with *very complex* projects via remote software tools. I have been a strong advocate of the concept of the VIRTUAL COMPANY for decades (early user of Lotus Notes).

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